Pecor Quattro 

Plastic pipes for sewer systems 

Pecor Quattro are heat-resistant and tightly fit

Pecor Quattro are plastic pipes widely used for sewer systems or culverts. They are made of polypropylene with a diameter up to 1 meter. Their outer wall is corrugated to provide high ring stiffness, while the inner wall is smooth to guarantee optimal flow conditions. They are exceptionally light, economical to transport and easy to install. The production process is highly precise allowing to make pipes of the exact same size and with very tight fittings. They are also well-known for their heat resistance, cost-effectiveness, and mobility.

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Features and Benefits

Cost-effective and mobile

Pecor Quattro pipes are exceptionally lightweight, which lowers the transportation and installation costs considerably. They can be delivered to distant regions unavailable for heavy concrete transportation. The equipment necessary for assembly includes only simple and light machinery. Besides, plastic is a cheaper material than concrete.  

Optimal design

The pipes consist of two walls, where the outer wall is corrugated to provide high ring stiffness of SN 8, and the inner wall is smooth to guarantee optimal flow conditions. They can withstand all types of live loads from the road or railway.  

Durable in aggressive environments

The pipes are made of plastic, so they are resistant to corrosion. Polypropylene is also characterised by high heat resistance (operating temperature up to 93°C, short-term up to 110°C), low surface roughness, and extremely high abrasion resistance. The lifespan of the pipes is over 100 years. 

Easy to repair

When structurally damaged, the pipes can be easily fixed. It is possible to add elbows or weld an additional pipe to the original structure. Even if the original structure is decades old, there will be no problem to repair it, unlike with concrete pipes where the process would be much more complicated. 

Environmentally friendly

As a solution, Pecor Quattro pipes are eco-friendly because they are long-lasting, toxin-free and require no maintenance.  

  • separating soft subsoils under roads and railways 

  • increasing structure stability 

  • separating layers between soils or fill layers with a different aggregate size 

  • riverbanks protection 

  • reservoirs construction 

  • vertical and horizontal geosynthetics drains 

  • drainage systems protection 

  • cracks preventing layer under concrete pavements 

  • geomembranes protection against installation damages when building landfills, tunnels and water reservoirs 

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